Choosing the right proxy is a vital decision for online safety. Just like picking the right locks on your front door, a good proxy can help secure your privacy and personal details. 

It can be challenging to know which proxy is best, in general, and for your particular needs. So, in this article, we will take a deep dive into one of the newest proxies on the market: MarsProxies, to give you a real sense of what they offer.

MarsProxies, an Out of This World Provider

The latest provider based in the UK is MarsProxies, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses and small to medium-sized projects. Unlike most players in the business, this one stands out by providing affordable solutions with all the necessary features. Their robust infrastructure provides high-speed proxies for web scraping, social media, online shopping, market research, sneaker botting, and more:

  • Over 1+ million IP addresses available
  • Intuitive dashboard to manage your orders and traffic usage
  • Rich geo-targeting options (190+ locations worldwide)
  • IP and user:pass authentication support
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee and great customer support

This review will highlight the features common to all of these proxy types and focus on the performance and security aspects offered by MarsProxies to help you make the right choice.

Proxy Types and Availability

An essential item for a proxy provider is the type and number of usable proxies they offer, so this is where our review begins.  MarsProxies offers four primary proxies:

  • Ultra Residential
  • Datacenter
  • ISP
  • Sneaker

The Ultra Residential proxies provide several benefits over the other types, including bandwidth that never expires and precise localization of city and state.

Their ISP proxies are perfect for when you need some extra anonymity and have the least chance of proxy detection.

The datacenter proxies have industry-leading speeds combined with unlimited bandwidth and dedicated IPs, making them ideal for bandwidth-intensive tasks.

The sneaker proxies are perhaps the most intriguing, offering compatibility with most stores and sneaker bots out there.

Four proxy categories may not seem like much, but you have a comprehensive selection when you take a step back and consider daily tasks.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Upon registration, the user has access to an intuitive web-based dashboard, which offers complete control over their proxies. Clients can change settings, order new proxies, and make deposits using a straightforward point-and-click interface.

Ordering new proxies is as simple as selecting which proxy you want from the menu on the left, entering details, and clicking the “Pay” button.

Making a deposit is even easier. Select the “Deposit” button at the top of your dashboard, enter your payment information and click “Pay.” You can deposit funds with a credit card or Bitcoin, and deposits are processed as quickly as one hour.

Affiliate Program

MarsProxies also allows users to participate in an affiliate linking program, available from your dashboard menu. When customers place an order using your unique affiliate URL, you’ll earn a percentage commission on the sale. The commission was 10% at the time of this review.

The affiliate opportunity is a nice touch and a win-win for MarsProxies and its users.

Proxy Performance Tests

Even the best prices and availability won’t matter much if performance is lackluster. Just as most people want to test drive a vehicle before purchase, it’s often helpful to test drive proxies to see how they work.

So how do MarsProxies perform? We took a random sampling of proxies from the United States, Germany, and Italy and compared the results of several performance tests. We examined each proxy’s speed, response time (ping), and security.

Speed Test Results

Our test connection had a maximum download speed of 200 Mbps and a top upload speed of 20 Mbps. The average ping of the test system to a server in a neighboring city was 7 ms. 

We first tested a datacenter proxy located in California, United States. The proxy achieved an average download speed of 66.8 Mbps and an average upload of 8.3 Mbps. Ping times fluctuated between 67 and 82 milliseconds, with an average delay of 79 ms.

Next, we tried an ISP proxy in Hessen, Germany. To our surprise, it scored similarly well to the proxy in California. The median download speed was 67.2 Mbps and an upload speed of 5.5 Mbps. The average ping time was 126 ms.

Lastly, we tested an ISP proxy located in Lombardy, Italy. Once more, the results were just as impressive, with a slight increase in delay. The typical download speed we saw was 66.9 Mbps, while the upload speed was 5.9 Mbps, with an average ping of 141 ms, which is more than many other providers can offer.

LocationDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Ping (ms)
California (Obsidian)66.88.379
Hessen (ISP)67.25.5126
Lombardy (ISP)66.95.9141

General Usage

Numbers are alright, but most people genuinely care about real-world applications. If a proxy scores wonderfully on paper but stutters during video playback, it’s of little use.

Our performance was more than adequate for web browsing, video streaming, downloading, and gaming. For example, 720p video only requires 5Mbps for smooth streaming playback. The minimum doubles to 10 Mbps for 1080p, but still well below our average tested speeds.

Gaming would be the one variable since reaction speed depends on ping time as much as it does on bandwidth. While we are sure the bandwidth is plenty for most online games, you’ll need to pay attention to which servers you choose regarding response time. 

Business Use

If you’re a business looking for a robust proxy for demographics research for advanced botting, the performance results in our tests were also favorable. The bandwidth and throughput from all three of our test proxies seemed sufficient to sustain various bots or automation activities.

Furthermore, you are not limited to a single proxy; you can easily order and use multiple proxies simultaneously, increasing your available throughput exponentially. Using numerous proxies concurrently allows you to unlock the true strength of MarsProxies and their infrastructure.

Security Tests

Because proxies act as intermediate relays between your device and the rest of the internet, all data you send and receive passes through them. A proxy must maintain strict security measures to be considered a trusted service. Although there’s no such thing as foolproof security, users want to know that their connection and sensitive data are as safe as possible.

We performed standard port probing using Gibson Research Corporation’s Shields UP service and found that all ports were stealth with the noted exception of HTTPS. A stealth port indicates that the server did not respond to any request for a connection.

Typically, stealth is better than merely closing a port because the server would still acknowledge that a port simply is closed. The response itself might signal to an attacker that a port exists and could be a target.

The stealth ports on all three of our test proxies indicate that MarsProxies takes a proactive approach to security.

Additionally, you have the option for each proxy to have a unique username and password for login, bolstering proxy privacy.

Payment Options

MarsProxies supports credit cards, debit cards, and over 70 cryptocurrencies. The traditional payment methods ensure ease of access for a broad user base, while the crypto support caters to those who embrace digital currencies.

Pricing Structure

While we’re on the subject of payments, MarsProxies has put some extra care into their pricing plans with some unique features and excellent bulk discounts.

For starters, they offer daily plans for their ISP, datacenter, and sneaker proxies, providing flexible options for users with varying needs. Of course, they also offer a standard monthly plan at $1.40 per ISP proxy, $1.05 per datacenter proxy, and $1.75 per sneaker proxy. All of these plans feature unlimited bandwidth.

MarsProxies follows the pay-as-you-go pricing model for their Ultra Residential proxies, letting you order as many GBs as you need without committing to an ongoing subscription. While the starting price is $5 per GB, it reduces down to $3.50 per GB as you order more traffic.

Besides generous bulk discounts, the residential proxy service comes with non-expiring traffic, eliminating worries about data limitations or expiration.

These prices are some of the more competitive available right now, making MarsProxies an attractive choice, especially for those on a tight budget.

Documentation and Support

If there’s one area where MarsProxies comes up a bit short, it’s documentation. Since they’re a fairly new provider, the lack of available information on the website may look daunting to potential clients. However, you can find guides on how to use each type of proxy in the blog section and instructions on how to use their proxies with the most popular sneaker websites on Discord.

It might seem a bit unconventional, but MarsProxies doesn’t rest on their laurels with the standard e-mail support; they also maintain a Discord server with support personnel available 24/7 to provide clients with instant answers and share useful information.

Quick Rundown

  • Affordable proxies with all the essential features
  • Good performance with reliable throughput
  • Daily plans available
  • Generous affiliate program
  • 24/7 e-mail and Discord support
  • Intuitive interface
  • Bitcoin support
  • Fairly sparse documentation

Final Verdict

MarsProxies may be the new kid on the block, but they’re checking all the right boxes and have impressive offerings.

As they continue to mature, we do not doubt that they will be among the top proxy providers throughout the UK and the globe.

8.5 Total Score

Score by our metrics

8.4Expert Score
Network Performance
Proxy Features
Customer Support
8.5User's score
Network Performance
Proxy Features
Customer Support
  • 4 proxy types for various small to medium-scale projects
  • Good performance with reliable throughput
  • Daily plans available
  • Fairly sparse documentation
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MarsProxies Alternatives

MarsProxies offers something for everyone. Still, here are a few alternatives if their proxies don’t work for you:

Smartproxy – For those who need proxies in less popular locations, Smartproxy seems like a decent alternative, offering IPs in 195 locations.

IPRoyal – If you care about speed more than anything else, IPRoyal is definitely worth considering. They currently offer the fastest datacenter proxies on the market.

Zyte – Those looking for a web-scraping focused provider might want to look into Zyte. While their plans are a bit costly, you only pay for successful requests.


How do I set up my proxies?

If you’re having trouble with getting started, MarsProxies has 24/7 support on Discord. They’ll answer all your questions, share useful guides, and help you get your proxies running in a second!

Is MarsProxies easy to use?

Yes, MarsProxies has a very intuitive user dashboard. It’s very easy to navigate, even for people who haven’t used proxies before.

Which types of authentication does MarsProxies support?

Their Ultra residential proxies offer both IP and user:pass authentication. On the other hand, the ISP, datacenter, and sneaker proxies only support user:pass authentication.


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  1. 3.5
    Network Performance
    Proxy Features
    Customer Support

    Used this provider for a month and I can say that it is quite good. Speed is nice, quality is nice but one thing stands out for me as a US user that they only support payments in EUR. Customer support could reply quicker but it matters that they reply.

    + PROS: Speed, proxy pool
    - CONS: payments only in eur, customer support sometimes slow
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  2. 5
    Network Performance
    Proxy Features
    Customer Support

    I’ve been using this provider for over 6months and I can say I am more than happy. I only use proxies for sneaker copping and the recommendations online where right! This is the best provider for the sneaker game. If anyone wants to get in the sneaker game this provider is the way!

    + PROS: Perfect for sneakers!
    - CONS: highly recommended provider
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