Ashburn Proxies is a proxy service that offers premium ISP proxies for copping sneakers. It sells a variety of proxies that will help you cop limited-edition releases from Shopify stores. But, you need to know a lot more about its service to figure out if this is the right proxy provider for you.

Since there are not many Ashburn Proxies reviews on the internet that will help you find out everything you need to know about it, we’ve decided to review this company and give you our honest opinion about its proxies. So, let’s begin.

Ashburn Proxies Introduction

Ashburn Proxies is a proxy provider offering US proxies that are highly specialized for copping sneakers from Shopify. Despite the company’s name, it doesn’t sell just Ashburn proxies. It also provides proxies from other US locations but not from outside the US.

The company has a great variety of proxies, including datacenter proxies, clean datacenter proxies, private residential proxies, captcha proxies, V3 solver proxies, etc.

Although it has affordable prices, Ashburn Proxies doesn’t offer a refund policy. That’s why you should learn more about its features and plans before subscribing.

Ashburn Proxies Features

This proxy provider has US proxies only, so the lack of global proxies is definitely a downside. However, these datacenter proxies are located in three of the most popular locations for site-hosting and cloud-based servers: Ashburn, VA, New York, NY, and Chicago, IL.

When it comes to its residential proxies, the site doesn’t give you the same options, so we’ve asked Ashburn Proxies about their location coverage and never got a response from them.

Currently, there’s no information about this company’s proxy pool size, which is a shame as this can be reassuring information for potential customers.

Types of Proxies

Ashburn Proxies has an impressive variety of proxies, selling datacenter proxies, premium datacenter proxies, clean datacenter proxies, captcha proxies, premium captcha proxies, private residential proxies, and V3 solver proxies.

Its datacenter proxies are fully dedicated ISP proxy servers which means they are associated with ISPs but run on data center servers. This is why they are fast, anonymous, and secure. Plus, they are fully dedicated proxies, so you won’t share them with anyone else.

You can also choose clean datacenter proxies if you want to ensure they haven’t been banned on a site you want to cop sneakers from. These proxies provide you with Shopify bot protection and work on Footsites, SNKRS, Adidas, Finishline, and YeezySupply.

Ashburn Proxies also sells premium datacenter proxies as a separate category, but we can’t see how they differ from standard datacenter proxies. They offer the same speed and uptime but have a significantly higher price, so it would’ve been good if Ashburn Proxies actually explained what you get for their price. 

There are also captcha proxies that are widely used by sneakerheads as most major shoe stores, including Shopify, have some sort of captcha challenge for limited-edition releases. With these proxies, you can easily evade their anti-bot security measures by generating one-click captchas that your sneaker bot can solve. These come with unlimited bandwidth and the ability to run 24/7 on your captcha tool bots.

Sites guaranteed to work with these proxies are YouTube, Google, and Supreme Captcha with AYCD Autosolve. For premium captcha proxies, Ashburn Proxies guarantees YouTube, Google, Supreme Captchas, Shopify, V3 solvers on all platforms with Yeezysupply and Adidas.

There are also private residential proxies you can order if you want proxies from real users. You can choose between static or rotating residential proxies. They are 100% guaranteed on all Shopify-proxy-protection sites, Shoe Palace, Finishline, Hibbett, and Footsites. Ashburn Proxies’s plans for these proxies are based on the amount of bandwidth, but the good thing is that you can roll over the unused data left on your plan.

Ashburn Proxies supports IP authentication and username/password authentication. However, we don’t know whether they support both SOCKS and HTTP(S) protocols.

Ashburn Proxies Proxy Speed and Performance

Ashburn Proxies datacenter proxy servers run with 10Gbps ports, so they are very fast. Compared to other proxy providers, this service boasts fast speeds, which is crucial for successful sneaker copping. The service also has an impressive 100% uptime which makes its proxies extremely reliable.

All this means Ashburn Proxies provides fast and quality proxy solutions for sneaker copping.

Additional Tools

Currently, Ashburn Proxies doesn’t offer any additional tools, unlike many proxy providers, which often include API support, proxy checkers, or scrapers.

Purchase Simplicity

Buying proxy servers from Ashburn Proxies is pretty easy. You need to create an account on the site and pick the category of proxies you need. Each plan allows you to customize the proxy quantity (for datacenter proxies) or bandwidth (for residential proxies) you want and see the price before deciding to proceed with the order.

Once you find and customize the plan that suits your needs and budget, you just need to click Buy Now button and enter the required billing information. Your proxies will be delivered instantly into your dashboard.

Ashburn Proxies Pricing

This company has affordable proxies starting with 1$ per datacenter proxy if you choose the 3-day plan. It also has monthly, 2-month, and 3-month datacenter proxy plans, offering you three options to choose from: Ashburn, COXISP, and FreshISP proxies.

You can order from 25 to 500 proxies, but the price varies per plan. If you pick the 3-day plans, you’ll pay $1 per datacenter proxy, which is the best deal. If you pick the monthly and 2-month plans, you’ll pay $2.25 per proxy, and if you select the 3-month plan, you’ll pay $2.10 per proxy.

The premium datacenter proxies are significantly more expensive for unknown reasons. You’ll pay $2 per proxy if you choose the weekly plans. If you go with the monthly plans, you’ll pay $3.25 per proxy. If you select the 2-month plan, you’ll pay $3.15 per proxy, and if you go with the 3-month plan, one proxy will cost $3.05.

The clean datacenter proxies are the most expensive datacenter proxies from this provider, but that’s expected. These proxies come at a price of $3.25 each.

Ten captcha proxies cost $16.50 a month, which is $1.65 per proxy. When it comes to premium captcha proxies, you can order at least 20 proxies for the price of $52 a month, or $2.60 per proxy.

Private residential proxy plans are based on bandwidth and not the number of proxies, so you have the Basic 2G plan costing $46 a month, Pro 4GB plan costing $88 a month, and Gold 6GB plan costing $126 a month. Each plan offers unlimited static or rotating proxies.

The V3 solver proxies are sold only in weekly plans and in a quantity of 25, 50, or 100 proxies, costing $1.25 per proxy.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer any refund policy or a free trial, so not being able to get your money back in case you’re not pleased with its service is a bit risky.

Ashburn Proxies Discounts

When purchasing Ashburn Proxies, you can enter a promo code to get a discount, and as we’ve found, the company often offers discounts on its proxies. This means you can have its proxies for a lower price than those listed above, which makes them a bit more affordable.

Unlike many other proxy providers, this company doesn’t reduce the price of proxies when ordering them in bulk.

Is Ashburn Proxies Legit or Scam?

Ashburn Proxies is a legitimate proxy provider offering ISP proxies that are highly specialized for sneaker copping. Although it doesn’t have a refund policy, the company tests and pings off all its servers before delivering them.

Customer Support

Ashburn Proxies offers support via email, Twitter, and Discord. You can open a ticket and wait for the support team to reply or get in touch with them via their Discord server or Twitter.

The lack of customer reviews doesn’t really help us estimate the kind of customer support Ashburn Proxies provides. Still, we did try to reach them via email and gave up waiting for a reply. Their Discord server seems pretty active, though, so you have a much better chance getting help there.

Can You Earn Money With Ashburn Proxies?

Joining a proxy provider’s affiliate program is an excellent way to earn money by getting a commission fee for each new customer you bring. Although more and more proxy providers are giving this opportunity to their customers, Ashburn Proxies doesn’t give such an option, at least for now.

Ashburn Proxies Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at Ashburn Proxies’s biggest strengths and weaknesses, so you can more easily decide whether you should go with it or look for another provider.

  • A good variety of proxies
  • Proxies specialized in sneaker copping
  • Fully dedicated ISP proxies
  • Fast proxies
  • 100% uptime
  • IP authentication and username/password authentication
  • Residential proxies that never expire
  • Great discounts
  • 3-days and weekly plans
  • Easy to purchase
  • Affordable proxies
  • Several ways to contact Ashburn Proxies
  • US proxies only
  • No info about SOCKS and HTTP(S) support
  • No info about proxy pool size
  • No refund policy
  • No free trial
  • No additional tools
  • No affiliate program

Final Verdict

Ashburn Proxies may not have the cheapest sneaker proxies on the market, but it often gives users a chance to get up to 55% off discounts. It has a good variety of proxies, including captcha and clean datacenter proxies that will help you cop limited-edition releases on Shopify successfully.

However, you won’t be able to get a refund if you’re not happy with its proxies. This can be risky as the provider doesn’t state if its proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols. So, it’s up to you to decide if you want to take the risk and try Ashburn Proxies for your sneaker copping needs.


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  • A good variety of proxies
  • Proxies specialized in sneaker copping
  • Fully dedicated ISP proxies
  • US proxies only
  • No info about SOCKS and HTTP(S) support
  • No info about proxy pool size
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Ashburn Proxies Alternatives

If you’re not sure that Ashburn Proxies is the right proxy provider for your sneaker copping needs, here are a few other options to consider:

  • Mars Proxies – unlike Ashburn Proxies, this company has both US and EU proxies optimized for all sneaker sites and bots, along with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support.
  • Smartproxy – this provider offers proxies that work with major sneaker bots, including Better Nike Bot, Supreme Bot, Nike Slayer, EasyCop Bot, etc., and a 3-day money-back guarantee.
  • Storm Proxies – this proxy provider has rotating sneaker proxies optimized for sneaker websites like Supreme, Nike, Yeezy, Adidas, etc., and a 2-hour refund policy.


Can you farm CAPTCHAs with Ashburn Proxies proxy servers?

You can only farm captchas with this provider’s CAPTCHA proxies or premium CAPTCHA proxies. The company doesn’t allow CAPTCHA farming with its regular datacenter proxies or clean datacenter proxies.

Does Ashburn Proxies offer mobile proxies?

Currently, this proxy provider doesn’t have mobile proxies. However, it has a good variety of proxies, including datacenter proxies, clean datacenter proxies, private residential proxies, CAPTCHA proxies, etc.

What payment methods does Ashburn Proxies support?

Ashburn Proxies supports G Pay (Google Pay) and credit cards.

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    Network performance
    Proxy features
    Customer support

    As a newcome customer to this provider, I can say this. The provider’s strong suit is the variety of proxies, including specialized options for specific tasks like sneaker copping. Which I need proxies for so in my end im good, but however, the lack of information on proxy pool size and SOCKS/HTTP(S) support is a draw back to me. So regarding that I am looking for a new provider, since I may need other features and a larger proxy pool size.

    + PROS: good sneaker proxies
    - CONS: lack of information
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