Proxy-Seller is a Russian proxy provider that offers private datacenter and mobile proxies. Although it’s not one of the leading providers in the game, it’s popular among small-scale internet marketers as well as anyone who wants to browse the web more anonymously and safely.

Unlike most proxy providers, Proxy-Seller offers IPv6 proxies which are not easy to find. This is one of the reasons why it’s the first choice of many proxy users. Another thing that makes this provider attractive is the flexible rental system regarding payment.

But, there are many other things to consider before buying its proxies, such as their incompatibility with Netflix. We’ve reviewed Proxy-Seller to help you learn everything about it and determine if it’s the right choice.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Proxy-Seller is a premium proxy provider that offers datacenter and mobile proxies. It has three types of dedicated proxies, IPv4 proxies, IPv6 proxies, and mobile proxies. All of its proxies are private, which means you’re the only one using them at a specific time. And that’s what makes them more reliable and secure than shared proxies.

One of the best things about this Russian provider is that it has IPv6 proxies, which are not offered by many providers. Although they are cheaper than IPv4 proxies, which are easier to find, they are expected to replace IPv4 proxies in the future.

Proxy-Seller’s servers support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. When it comes to authentication, it supports username and password authentication and IP authentication methods. It also offers some impressive discounts if you buy more proxies for a longer period.

Mobile proxies are the latest service offered by this provider, and they’re an excellent option for social media automation. But, you’ll learn more about them and the other products in this detailed review of Proxy-Seller.

What Type of Proxies Proxy-Seller Offers

When visiting the Proxy-Seller website, you can see they are offering the following products:

  • Datacenter proxies – IPv4 and IPv6 proxies that are good for social media management and automation, web scraping, SEO auditing, online gaming, unblocking geo-restricted content, etc.
  • Mobile proxies – proxies with dynamic IP addresses that are good for social media management and automation, getting around geo-restrictions, and anonymous browsing.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of each type of Proxy-Seller’s proxies.

Proxy-Seller Datacenter Proxies

Proxy-Seller sells IPv4 and IPv6 dedicated datacenter proxies. This means you won’t be sharing them with anyone else, making them exclusive to you. The IPv4 proxies work better on websites than IPv6 proxies, but the IPv6 protocol delivers better speed and performance with the proxies.

This company has data centers in many countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, India, etc. That’s why it offers datacenter proxies from multiple locations around the world.

The proxies are static and support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocol, as well as username/password authentication and IP authentication methods.

Proxy-Seller Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Seller used to be a datacenter proxy provider exclusively, but now it offers 4G mobile proxies as well. Its mobile proxies are private, which means you don’t share them with anyone else. They are dynamic, so they rotate from two minutes up to 30 minutes automatically.

Their IP addresses come from real mobile operators from 10 countries worldwide, including the US, the UK, Italy, Belarus, France, Romania, Vietnam, Indonesia, and others, allowing you to select the location you need.

They support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols and can help you unblock sites and games in your region, as well as open and manage multiple social media accounts.

Pros and Cons of Proxy-Seller

After learning the essentials of Proxy-Seller and its products, it’s time to discover its most significant strengths and weaknesses that will help you decide if it has what you need.

Advantages of Proxy-Seller Proxies

Here are the major advantages of Proxy-Seller that make it a good option if you’re looking for datacenter or mobile proxies:

  • Flexible payment options

The flexibility in Proxy-Seller’s payment options is one of its biggest strengths. The number of proxies you can buy and the duration in which you can keep them are extremely flexible.

Unlike most companies, this one doesn’t have a minimum number of proxies you can buy from it. Instead, you get to decide how many proxies you will buy, which is really convenient. The company offers you an unlimited number of proxies at one subscription, and the more you buy, the lower their price.

The duration of proxy rentals is also flexible. While most providers offer monthly to annual subscriptions only, this one has durations like one week, two weeks, a month, two months, etc. The longer the duration of the plan, the lower the price.

  • Excellent location coverage

Most datacenter proxy providers have proxies only in one country because these proxies require data centers in the countries they support. However, Proxy-Seller is one of the few providers with impressive location coverage.

It has IPv4 datacenter proxies in around 40 countries, including the US, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, Macedonia, Malaysia, Iran, Czech, etc., and IPv6 proxies in eight countries, including the US, Russia, Canada, France, and Germany.

  • Acceptable speed and response time

Proxy-Seller’s proxies are not among the fastest ones in the market, so they are not the best choice if you need fast proxies. On the other hand, their speed and response time is average which should be enough for most tasks.

  • Easy to use

Unlike many proxy providers, Proxy-Seller has a minimalistic dashboard that’s very easy to use. This is one of the reasons why many people, especially newbies in the proxy world, choose this provider. You can easily set up an account, pay for a proxy plan, and use the proxies.

You can easily choose the location of their proxies as well as download the proxy list in TXT and CSV formats. Just remember that you can’t change the chosen countries once you’ve made the payment.

  • Great customer support

While many popular proxy providers lack good customer support, Proxy-Seller has ensured their existing and potential customers can easily contact them 24/7. It has live chat support that allows you to communicate with an agent in real-time. You can also use its ticket support to solve your problem.

  • Affordable pricing

Although Proxy-Seller doesn’t have the cheapest datacenter proxies, the flexibility of the rental period allows you to tailor your plan according to your budget. If you pay for a shorter duration and fewer proxies, however, it’ll set you back more than the average. When it comes to its mobile proxies, they are quite affordable.

Disadvantages of Proxy-Seller Proxies

Here are a few things that will make you consider another option when choosing a proxy provider:

  • Incompatibility with some sites

Although Proxy-Seller claims its proxies are compatible with all sneaker sites, ticketing sites, and social media sites, the truth is a bit different. The strong anti-spam systems of Netflix and many sneaker sites don’t allow you to use them, so if you need proxies for these services, you better choose another provider.

  • No free trial

Proxy-Seller doesn’t allow you to test its proxies for free before buying them. Although this is what most proxy providers do, we still consider it a downside. If they have a free trial, we’re sure they will attract even more users.

  • 24-hour refund policy

The period of 24 hours can be too short for you to test how Proxy-Seller proxies work. On the other hand, many providers have no refund policies, so some may even consider it a plus when compared to other providers.

  • More cons

Other things we consider Proxy-Seller’s disadvantages are the lack of rotating datacenter proxies and static mobile proxies, as well as the different pricing based on the location of the proxies.

Proxy-Seller Pros and Cons

  • Great location coverage
  • Affordable pricing
  • Active customer support
  • Incompatible with certain websites
  • Limited proxy types available
  • No free trial

Final Verdict

The good location coverage, IPv6 proxies, and flexible rental period make Proxy-Seller a great option for anyone looking for datacenter and mobile proxies. But, if you need proxies for Netflix or sneaker sites, or rotating datacenter and static mobile proxies, you better look for another provider.

Proxy-Seller Alternatives

If you think Proxy-Seller is not the best proxy provider for you, here are a few other options to consider:

Mars Proxies – unlike Proxy-Seller, the proxies from this provider are compatible with any sneaker bot and sneaker site.

Highproxies – unlike Proxy-Seller, this provider has categorically separated proxies for specific purposes like shopping proxies and social media proxies.

Proxy-Cheap – unlike Proxy-Seller, this provider offers very cheap datacenter and mobile proxies from even more locations across the world.

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Network Performance
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  • Great location coverage
  • Affordable pricing
  • Active customer support
  • Incompatible with certain websites
  • Limited proxy types available
  • No free trial
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What payment methods does Proxy-Seller support?

Proxy-Seller supports many payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Alipay, Skrill, etc., unlike many providers that support one or two payment options.

Does Proxy-Seller have discounts?

Yes, Proxy-Seller has great discounts for the number of proxies you buy and the renting time. For example, you can get a 27% discount for 100 proxies for a year.

Is it possible to earn money from this provider?

Yes, Proxy-Seller has an affiliate program that allows you to earn money from all payments made by your clients. All you need to do is attract new users, and they will be assigned to you permanently, so you will always get a percentage from their payments.

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  1. They don’t deliver anymore! Beware!

  2. 0.5
    Network Performance
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    I purchased 20 proxies using cryptocurrency as the payment method. However, I did not receive the proxies even after a few hours. I contacted support to inquire about the delay and was informed that the delivery time is 12 hours. Unfortunately, even after 12 hours, I did not receive the proxies, and support informed me that I needed to wait a little longer, as the delivery could take up to 24 hours. This delay prompted me to request a refund. To my surprise, support informed me that the minimum refund for cryptocurrency payments is $70, although I paid with Litecoin, which incurred only a small commission. After waiting for over 24 hours, I finally received the proxies, but they were already banned by Cloudflare. Now, I am left with no proxies and no refund. I am highly dissatisfied with this service

    + PROS: Want to lose money? Choose this provider
    - CONS: look at other providers if you want working proxies
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