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The internet has revolutionized how everything works. From entertainment to education, everything seems to have an affiliation with it. Have you ever thought about how you communicate via this vast space? 

It all boils down to IP addresses, which identify your computer over the internet. This identity can reveal your location, sometimes down to the street address. Most people are okay with this. However, for some, it can create problems, which makes them inclined to use proxies. 

Introduction About Asia Proxies

A proxy is a server that can mask your IP address and display an alternate one depending on your needs. Think of it as a stop-over when traffic is sent from your computer to a server on the internet. 

When you use a proxy, your traffic passes through this server, from where several changes are made. Among them is a change of your IP address, after which the proxy sends traffic to the destination server. The feedback passes through the proxy server, which reroutes it to your device. 

What Are Asia Proxies?

A Asia proxy is a tool that can hide your current IP address and provide an alternate one from Asia. When using this tool, servers you interact with on the internet will get the impression that you are from Asia. 

This way, you can access everything on the internet limited to Asia. Be it movies, applications, songs, or academic content, with a proxy, you can access this content and use it as you wish without a hassle.

Top Asia Proxy Providers

With all this information, one question still has not been answered: what are the top Asia proxy providers you can use? We have compiled a list of companies with a proven track record of meeting customer needs and providing stellar services. Have a read below:

Best value


+ Competitive prices 
+ Responsive support
+ Large proxy selection

Bright Data

+ Incredible infrastructure
+ Exceptional customer care
+ Detailed documentation


+ Superb support
+ Quality service
+ Extensive documentation

Storm Proxies

+ Low price
+ Easy to use
+ Decent speeds
+ Good customer support

Smart Proxy

+ Pleasantly priced
+ Quality customer service
+ Extensive documentation


+ Dual authentication 
+ SOCKS5 proxies
+ Instant proxy delivery

Ashburn Proxies

+ A good variety of proxies
+ Proxies specialized in sneaker copping
+ Fully dedicated ISP proxies

Chi Proxies

+ Decent speeds 
+ Instant proxy delivery 


+ Cheap proxies
+ Elite private proxies
+ HTTP and SOCKS4/5 proxies


+ Cheap proxies
+ A great variety of proxies
+ Good location coverage

Top Free Proxy Examples in Asia

The best proxies with unmatched features usually are premium, meaning you might have to fork out some money to access the service. However, this may not always be the most feasible strategy for some users. 

Take, for instance, someone who only needs short-term anonymity or one-time access to restricted content. The best option would be to go for a free proxy. However, most free proxies have limited functionality. Others are just scams disguised as proxies that want to steal your sensitive data. 

Regardless, we have compiled a list of the top three free proxy providers. They are listed below: 

  • KProxy 

KProxy is one of the most recommended free proxy service providers. While it may not be the best (that title goes to premium providers), it still satisfies most users with 10 servers to choose from.

  • ProxySite

This provider has twice as many servers as KProxy, with the option to manually choose between them. ProxySite has support for YouTube and social sites such as Reddit and Twitter. 

  • may not have the best features since it does not support YouTube and most social media sites. On the flip side, it supports over 2,000 locations and has added security features such as disabling cookies and scripts.

Why Use a Asia Proxy Server?

Several reasons warrant implementing proxies from Asia. The most popular is accessing geo-restricted content. As mentioned earlier, websites will use your IP address to know your current location and limit access to certain content depending on policies like copyright. 

Sneaker copping is another reason you may be inclined to use Asia proxies. Take a scenario where a sneaker drop is limited to Asia, and you do not reside there. Without a proxy, you will likely miss out. But, with the tool, you can swap your IP and purchase the sneakers.

How to Compare Providers? 

It is no secret that numerous proxy service providers are on the market. In fact, if you decide to look up ‘proxy service’ on the internet today, you will come across hundreds of companies claiming to offer top-notch services. How do you compare? 

The first and easiest way to sift through the providers is to look for reviews. You could start with popular review sites like Trustpilot and move on to proxy review blogs. Once you exhaust all available information online and shortlist potential providers, you could use tools such as proxy checkers to verify their functionality.

Why Use Paid Providers Services Instead of Free?

From the information above, it is clear that there is a distinction between free proxy providers and premium ones. Ideally, the better option of the two is the premium providers, but why? It all comes down to the services they have to offer. 

Premium proxies are usually way better since they have superior features (high speed, low latency, no bandwidth limits, and so on). The location diversity is better with access to extra tools like APIs, applications, proxy checkers, web scraping tools, etc. Finally, premium proxies are more reliable than free proxies. These proxies are well maintained, not shared with other users, and are more likely to have better success rates.

Well, it depends on how you use the proxies. For the most part, proxies are legal, but if you use them for questionable tasks, they can indeed become illegal.

Asia proxies can help you in several ways. You can use them to bypass geo-blocks, maintain anonymity, cop sneakers, and much much more. The opportunities are limitless. website is one of the biggest proxy providers comparison website.

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