In a world where everything is connected to the internet, you need a capable arsenal of tools to navigate this massive web of connected devices. One of the most reliable tools you can utilize to protect your privacy is proxies. 

A proxy is simply an internet device that allows you to mask your real IP address. In doing so, you open up a new world of opportunities where you are not held back by issues such as geo-blocks and government restrictions. 

With this in mind, there are different types of proxies, and most are categorized based on their supported protocols. One of these is SOCKS5 proxies, which are simply proxy servers that utilize the SOCKS5 protocol.

That said, this article will divulge the different aspects of SOCKS5 proxies, why they are preferred, and let you in on some of the best providers you can opt for.

What Is a SOCKS5 Proxy?

Before diving into the nuts and bolts of a SOCKS5 proxy, we first need to examine the SOCKS protocol. First off, this is an acronym that stands for Socket Secure. That said, SOCKS5 proxies work pretty much like regular HTTP proxies, with the only significant difference being that their use cases are more diverse and functionality is increased. 

How so? A SOCKS5 proxy uses a simple working policy. It channels your internet traffic through a proxy server (much like a conventional HTTPS proxy). Such servers first establish a TCP connection, after which your computer can send the traffic to the server, which is then sent to the destination. 

Everything we have said sounds like a conventional proxy server. So, what is the difference? How does a SOCKS5 proxy stand out compared to other proxy servers? 

For starters, where the standard HTTP server will only work with the HTTP protocol, the SOCKS5 proxy is way more diverse. In truth, these servers can work with many protocols, HTTP included. 

On top of that, SOCKS5 proxies are the perfect tool for firewall-restricted traffic. Given that these servers work by first establishing a TCP connection, they can get around firewalls even when using HTTP connections. 

So, there you have it, an introduction to SOCKS5 proxies. By now, you should have a rough idea of these proxies and what you stand to gain by using them. Now that you have all this information in mind, let us see how SOCKS5 proxies fare compared to other kinds of proxies.

Comparing SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 Proxies

Now that you know what SOCKS5 proxies are, how about SOCKS4? What are the differences? For starters, both these servers fall under the SOCKS protocol, which, as mentioned earlier, stands for Socket Secure. 

That said, SOCKS4 proxies only support the SOCKS protocol, whereas SOCKS5 proxies support additional protocols such as UDP, TCP, and DNS lookups. The latter is generally considered the more robust option as it has more use cases.

Also, SOCKS4 proxies tend to be less secure when compared to SOCKS5 servers. On top of that, they support fewer authentication methods. These drawbacks automatically make SOCKS5 proxies the better option. 

SOCKS Proxies vs. HTTP Proxies

By now, you should have a rough idea of SOCKS proxies, but how exactly do they compare to the standard HTTP proxies? First, HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. 

HTTP is the foundation of data exchange on the web. Simply put, it is a connectionless text-based data exchange protocol that allows users to fetch resources on the internet and transfer them from host servers to their browsers. 

That said, an HTTP proxy is just like any other server, with the only difference being that it is designed explicitly for HTTP connections. So, what is the difference between these two types of proxy servers? The first and most obvious difference is the connection protocols which we have discussed in great detail. 

The second difference between these two types of servers is their performance. On the one hand, HTTP proxies are primarily preferred for web scraping operations as they can filter and cache web pages. 

On the other hand, SOCKS proxies are preferred for their speed and ease of use, making them ideal for downloading and transferring data online. That said, it is clear that both these proxies have their strong points regarding performance. 

Another key difference between these proxies is their functionality. HTTP proxies are mated to HTTP connections but can be fine-tuned to facilitate other use cases. SOCKS proxies are more flexible as they are not held back by any protocol, meaning their use cases are far more diverse.

How to Choose the Best SOCKS5 Proxy Provider?

Now that you have settled on SOCKS5 proxies, you may need help deciding the ideal provider to work with. Granted, the proxy market has many companies claiming to be the better option for the user, and while this may give you a hard time deciding, it should not be why you fail to find your ideal SOCKS5 proxy provider. 

So, what should you consider when looking for a SOCKS5 proxy provider? In all reality, there are many factors you should check for here, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you prefer as a user. 

First, you should check the pricing. No matter how good a proxy service claims to be, working with a company whose pricing will strain your budget is never a good idea. Hence, the first thing you should do when looking for a proxy service provider is to check their SOCKS5 proxy pricing and shortlist the potential providers. 

Next up, you should check the reputation of the company. Is it known for meeting customer needs, or is it known for swindling customers out of their money? You need to be objective here if you are going to find the right provider. 

Finally, you should check the SOCKS5 proxy performance. Only go with providers whose servers meet your performance standards. Remember, you are the customer, and you don’t have to compromise. There is always a company capable of meeting your needs.

There you have it. Above is a technique you can use to find the right SOCKS5 proxy provider for all your needs. By applying these measures, you will likely find the ideal provider that ticks most boxes, if not all.

Best SOCKS5 Proxies Providers – Quick Summary

1. IPRoyal – best SOCKS5 proxy provider
2. Bright Data – best SOCKS5 proxy network
3. Smartproxy – premium SOCKS5 proxies at affordable prices
4. Oxylabs – provider with a standalone SOCKS5 proxy package 
5. MarsProxies – best SOCKS5 proxies for sneaker copping
6. SOAX – Ideal provider for new customers 
7. Infatica – Offers SOCKS5 proxies for corporate needs 
8. FoxyProxy – one of the oldest SOCKS5 proxy providers  
9.  ProxyGuys – Offers 5G mobile proxies infused with SOCKS5
10. Webshare – Offers free proxies

Full Providers Reviews

Below is a list of some of the best SOCKS5 providers with a stellar reputation for meeting customer needs.


Offers SOCKS5 support at a very affordable price
  • Pricing: The prices start from $0.80.

At the top of our list is the relatively young provider IPRoyal. This Lithuanian-based provider has proven to have a knack for going above and beyond in meeting customer needs in the short time it has been in the market. 

IPRoyal offers SOCKS5 support for rotating and static/dedicated residential proxies, as well as datacenter servers. This is a good thing, as customers have a wide array of servers to choose from, and things get even better. 

IPRoyal has SOCKS5-supported proxies from over 180 locations worldwide, a huge plus for customers because it implies these servers will work from almost any country. Finally, the setup process for the servers is quite straightforward.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Offers static and rotating residential SOCKS5-supported proxies
  • API access for the datacenter SOCKS5 proxies
  • The speeds are slow in some regions


Bright Data

SOCKS5 available in all proxy packages
  • Pricing: The starter plan goes for $500 with a seven-day free trial.

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, is one of the key players of the proxy industry. With Israeli origin, Bright data seems to have everything you would want from an ideal proxy service provider. 

All the proxy packages from Bright Data feature SOCKS5 support. Under the company’s pool, you will find datacenter, ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. This comes out to more than 72 million addresses, all available at your disposal. 

Bright Data’s network is indeed robust, but it works best for medium and large businesses due to the prices, which many small-time users will likely find unsustainable. 

  • SOCKS5 support is standard in all plans
  • Good location support
  • Powerful additional tools
  • Impressive geo-targeting capabilities
  • It can be expensive, especially for small-time users



SOCKS5 supported datacenter proxies
CHeck Prices
Intuitive features for lower prices

Read full Smartproxy review here!

  • Pricing: The datacenter proxies start at $7.5 with a three-day refund policy. 

On our list is another relatively young provider, SmartProxy. Despite its age, this company has impressed us as it has proven to have a zeal unmatched by most providers in this niche, which is why it is one of the top SOCKS5 proxy providers in today’s market. 

You should note that SmartProxy only seems to offer SOCKS5 support under their datacenter servers. They’re yet to add SOCKS5 support to their other proxy plans, such as residential proxies. 

On the flip side, these servers offer amazing features, guaranteeing a seamless experience, the most significant of which is SOCKS5 support. Other than that, you get high uptime and sequential and non-sequential IPs, among other features.

  • Good location support
  • Affordable proxy packages
  • Unlimited threads and bandwidth
  • IP replacement
  • Support sometimes takes a while to respond



Offers a separate SOCKS5 proxy package
CHeck Prices
Amazing traffic-intensive scraping capabilities

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  • Pricing: The Starter plan goes for $300 monthly.

Oxylabs is known for having one of the most impressive IP pools in the business. The Lithuanian-based company has a proven track record of meeting customer needs which is why it has become a world leader in SOCKS5 proxy service. 

Unlike most of the providers mentioned on our list, Oxylabs offers standalone SOCKS5 proxies. This means the protocol is not supported by any other packages, as with the other companies on our list. In lieu of this, it is integrated into an entirely different package. 

The SOCKS5 proxies from Oxylabs come from 188 locations and span over 2 million servers, which is beyond impressive for a standalone proxy service.

  • Impressive IP pool
  • Good location support
  • 24-hour available customer support
  • The minimum order is 100 IPs
  • The service is best suited for large business



Residential and ISP SOCKS proxies
CHeck Prices
Affordable SOCKS5 proxy packages

Read full MarsProxies review here!

  • Pricing: The ISP proxies start at €2 per proxy, while the residential proxies start at €3 per GB.

None of the companies mentioned up to this point have a specific market segment. Most of these are general and work to fulfill a wide range of use cases. Not MarsProxies. This company takes a whole different approach altogether. 

MarsProxies is focused on providing proxies for the sole purpose of sneaker copping. With this focus in mind, this provider has streamlined its services and fine-tuned the servers to provide unmatched performance. 

However, you should note that only the ISP and residential proxies from this provider feature SOCKS5 support. Cumulatively, they account for more than 500,000 IPs, which is a modest number, but given the focus on a specific use case, it should be more than enough.

  • Non-expiring traffic
  • Optimized for sneaker copping
  • The service only supports sticky sessions



Impressive SOCKS5-infused proxies
  • Pricing: The starter plan goes for $99, with an option for testing it at $1.99.

SOAX is another relatively new proxy service provider, having been founded a mere three years ago. The UK-based provider has had immense success rates during its tenure, which is why it has found its way on our list of best SOCKS5 proxy service providers. 

SOAX offers SOCKS5 protocol support in all its packages, which is impressive as it characterizes a typical premium-level provider. The company has over 8.5 million IPs from the majority of locations worldwide. 

The SOAX proxy package is quite impressive as it comprises datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies, which have the most demand.

  • Impressive features
  • Good geo-targeting capabilities
  • Amazing customer support
  • Quite expensive



World-class SOCKS5 proxies
CHeck Prices
Perfect for medium and large companies

Read full Infatica review here!

  • Pricing: The residential proxies start at $96 monthly, while the mobile proxies start at $300 monthly.

Infatica is another relatively young proxy service provider that has successfully positioned itself as an ethical provider. Right from the website, you will notice a large text that says, ‘Ethical proxies for every type of project.’ 

Infatica targets medium to large companies, as is evidenced by its rather expensive proxy plans, which may not suit the average small-time user. From our analysis, this provider offers SOCKS5 proxies under residential and mobile packages.

The proxies have good location coverage and span more than 10 million IPs spread out over 100 different locations. They also support other modern features to facilitate seamless connections. 

  • Fairly large IP pool
  • Good location support
  • Additional web scraping tools
  • It can be expensive for the average consumer



A proven veteran proxy company
CHeck Prices
Offers a blend of proxies and VPNs

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  • Pricing: Starting from $9.99 per month.

FoxyProxy is one of the dinosaurs of the proxy industry. The company was founded way back in 2006, making it one of the oldest proxy service providers on our list. During its tenure, FoxyProxy has managed to diversify its service and offer a mix of proxies and VPNs. 

Despite having a pretty outdated website, the FoxyProxy service is seemingly solid. It mentions support for over 127 locations, which is beyond impressive. Also, the company offers a quite popular proxy extension tool that works with all major browsers. 

On top of that, FoxyProxy offers support for both HTTP and SOCKS5, which is a good addition. A significant downside is that this company does not mention what kind of proxies it offers users.

  • Free trial
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Outdated website
  • Lack of basic information on the website



Large number of proxies in the United States
  • Pricing: The mobile proxies start at $20 per day and rotating residential proxies start at $25/month.

ProxyGuys is a relatively new entrant into the proxy realm and has yet to market itself to reach the feats accomplished by some providers on our list. That aside, perhaps its biggest selling point is the fact that it offers mobile 5G proxies complemented by SOCKS5, which is quite rare. 

On top of that, ProxyGuys also offers static and rotating residential IPs, which seem pretty robust from the look of things. You get unlimited IP rotation and fast speeds, all basic features that characterize an ideal provider. 

You get access to more than 10 million IPs, which, while not record-breaking, is still enough for most tasks. The mobile proxies are outrageously expensive, starting at $180, while the residential proxies start at a mere $5.

  • Medium-sized pool
  • Offers mobile 5G proxies
  • Easy to use
  • The mobile proxies are expensive



Has free proxies
CHeck Prices
Stellar online reputation and high reliability

Read full Webshare review here!

  • Pricing: The company offers 10 free proxies. The next plan, consisting of 100 proxies, is $2.99 per month.

Webshare is another relatively young company with one of the most impressive online reputations. The company offers private and dedicated datacenter and residential proxies equipped with intuitive features, which is why it has made it onto our list. 

All the servers from this provider feature SOCKS5 support, which is an impressive feat as it translates to better reliability on the user’s part. On top of that, the servers are great performers and will perform optimally for most tasks.

You also get access to a control panel that lets you easily utilize all the proxy features and an API that lets you easily integrate the proxies with third-party applications. Finally, Webshare is one of the few affordable and reliable proxy service providers.

  • Offers free proxies
  • User-friendly website
  • Quite affordable and reliable
  • Poor customer support

Uses of SOCKS5 Proxies

SOCKS5 proxies have the same uses as a regular proxy service, the only difference being that they are the better option. For instance, SOCKS5 proxies are the perfect tools for bypassing internet blocks due to their versatility. Also, SOCKS5 proxies are not bound by a specific protocol, unlike HTTP servers, translating to faster and more reliable connections.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SOCKS5 Proxies

Like any other proxy service, SOCKS5 proxy servers have their pros and cons. They are listed below: 


  • Improved accuracy

SOCKS5 proxies do not change packet headers which translates to better accuracy when transmitting data.

  • Faster connections

SOCKS5 proxies are not bound to any protocol and can use UDP, which is faster.

  • Circumvent blocks

The SOCKS5 protocol is ideal for circumventing blocks even when limited by a firewall.


  • Less security

Packet headers may contain personal information. Since they remain unchanged, this may compromise data security.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Free SOCKS5 Proxy List

You may be inclined to work with a free SOCKS5 proxy. Sure, the prospect may seem alluring, but this is hardly the case. Free SOCKS5 proxies tend to offer lackluster performance, given most companies rarely maintain them. 

Also, you should note that running a proxy business requires resources, which businesses secure from customer payments. Since you aren’t paying for the service, some companies will use illegitimate ways of securing such resources. One common way is stealing user data and selling it to third parties. Hence, it is best to stay away from free SOCKS5 proxies.


So, there you have it, the perfect guide to SOCKS5 proxies. By now, you should stand a better chance of selecting the ideal provider for your SOCKS5 proxy needs. We have listed some factors you should consider, including price and performance.

Also, we listed some of the top companies in this niche, which is a good start if you are looking for SOCKS5 proxies. Nothing can stop you from conquering the internet with robust SOCKS5 proxies!

Can I use SOCKS proxies for web scraping?

You can use SOCKS proxies for web scraping. These servers offer a blend of boosted performance and reliability. 

Can I buy residential SOCKS5 proxies?

You can buy residential SOCKS5 proxies from your ideal provider. Be sure to check that these servers are in working capacity, offer sufficient speeds, and are within your budget. website is one of the biggest proxy providers comparison website.

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